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Why WordPress developers will love Headway 2.0

Headway’s innovative Visual Layout Editor gives you the power to rearrange your site layout without touching a line of code.

Even if you’re comfortable with HTML/CSS/PHP, the Visual Layout Editor will save you time. You can sculpt your design into anything you want. You’re not restricted by someone else’s ideas about columns or content layouts. The sky is the limit.

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Chris Brogan and Brian Clark ditch the Thesis WordPress Theme

Big news last week regarding about Thesis’ position in the WordPress premium theme marketplace: Thesis is no longer King of the Premium themes.

Why Chris and Brian left Thesis

First, Brian Clark – part owner of Thesis with developer, Chris Pearson – announced he is leaving Thesis. Besides the “public disagreements Chris recently had with Matt Mullenweg, Brian cited differences over the Thesis roadmap and their relationship with WordPress developers.

Note of clarification: As of the date of this post, still runs on Thesis (Thanks, Chris Cree!)

Not even one week later, Chris Brogan announced that he is moving his blog off of Thesis, claiming he’s “just trying out a new theme framework”.

Ding dong the witch is dead?

Does this spell bad news for Thesis? Probably not. Remember that there is still a massive community of bloggers who love Thesis.

What this does mean, however, is that other premium themes, like Headway, will get more deserved attention.

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How to add new skins and functionality to your WordPress blog

Last month, Headway Themes added a marketplace where developers can sell leafs and skins (some are free too).

Skins: Nice-looking clothing for your site.

Leafs: Enhanced functionality for your site.

This move takes Headway further in the direction of enabling novices the ability to create websites that are both beautiful and robust.

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Headway WordPress Premium Theme – Video Preview Of 1.6

Michael Martine of Remarkablogger has been producing some great tutorial videosto be used in the documentation section of the Headway Forum. These videos will also be directly accessible from the Visual Editor.

Here’s what Michael did recently to show you all the features inside Headway.

[Click the bottom right button to view full screen]

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