How To Resize and Add Blocks to Your Headway Grid Layout

This video follows up on the previous video about creating layouts in Headway 3.0.

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How To Use Headway’s New Grid System To Build WordPress Websites

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing detailed video tutorials on how to use Headway 3.0, which is completely different from all previous versions of Headway. Please subscribe over to the right to get all tutorials sent to you by email.

This video shows you how to use the Grid system to create layouts for your WordPress website.

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How to create rotating post exerpts in WordPress with Headway

The Exerpts+ leaf for Headway allows you create sliding exerpts of any type of content (posts and pages) and even select specific categories to display on specific pages where you’ve placed the leaf.

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Headway 3.0 will disrupt (again) how WordPress websites are created (video)

When Headway’s visual editor was released, it disrupted how the WordPress community approached designing and building websites. For the first time, you could build a website from scratch and see exactly how it would look – all within the same visual interface.

And now everything is going to change again…

Headway 3.0 will be built on a “block and grid” model which will follow a three step process for creating Page layouts (as you’ll see in the video below):

  1. Select a grid layout with a specific number of columns and rows, depending upon the complexity your design.
  2. Visually select a section of the grid with your mouse. This is done by simply selecting a specific section on the grid by mousing over a specific area within the grid
  3. Select what type of content you want placed within that selection. What to add a second navigation menu halfway down the page? No problem. Want to add featured posts to the right of your header image? No problem.

The other amazing thing that Headway 3.0 will allow you to do is use Child Themes created by theme companies like Organic Themes, Allure Themes and Press 75. This allows people who lack design skills to get a headstart by taking advantage of the design talent already included in these other themes.

Finally (and this is a biggie), Headway will be switching to an annual subscription model. Current users get a free upgrade to 3.0 and will never pay a subscription.

Headway 3.0 Preview:

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